Honours And Awards of Anubhav Mohanty:

  • 2013: Best Actor for ‘Something Something’ by Tarang Cine Award
  • 2012: Lalchand Superstar Award
  • 2012: Best Actor for Balunga toka By Tarang Cine Award
  • 2012: Awarded the Chatrapati Sivaji Upadhi
  • 2010: Best Oriya Actor for the movie ‘Deewana’ By ETV
  • 2009: Best Actor for movie ‘Akashe Ki Ranga Lagila’ (State Film Award)
  • 2009: Best Oriya Actor for movie ‘Abhimanyu’ By Tarang TV
  • 2007: Anandalok Awards for “Best Action Hero 2007” for ‘Kali Sankar'(Bengali)
  • 2005: Best newcomer for the movie “I Love You”
  • 2004–05: Rajeev Gandhi Pratibha Sammana
  • Opmtwa Award For Best Actor — 3 times

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